Friday, March 16, 2007

Where Is The Madness?

The NCAA opening round is complete and there are a grand total of 5 upsets, and that is counting the three #9 seeds (Purdue, Michigan State, Xavier) that won their opening game against the #8 seeds.

Only #11 seeds Winthrop (over Notre Dame) and Virginia Commonwealth (over Duke) pulled off serious upsets.

In our group, my wife Victoria (claiming "I've Got The Winners") and nephew Zorlod (aka Andy) share the lead, each correctly picking 29 of the 32 games. Interestingly, they each also have almost identical Final Four picks, each picking North Carolina to defeat Florida for the championship and each picking Kansas to advance, the only difference being Andy picked Memphis while Victoria went with OSU.

Also, if you are Yang or Markell, please let me know how you found the contest, I think I have figured out who everybody else is.

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