Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 2 Upset Picks

There are 3 more games complete and 3 more favorites (Memphis, Virginia, UNLV) advance. I guess other than leaving out Akron, the tournament selection committee did a good job this year.

I thought I would take a couple minutes and look over the brackets to see which upset picks (of today's remaining 13 games) are most popular among our group. I'm going to skip the 8-9 games as they are almost a toss-up.

The most popular upset by far is Winthrop (11) over Notre Dame (6), being picked by 12 of our 23 entries (Zorlod, my wife, BillyBalata, Puddy, chiefjay, Dunfee, Luke, Geist, gdogg, Markell, Keith, loaf)

Edit: Winthrop 74, Notre Dame 64

Next most popular is Long Beach (12) over Tennessee (5), as picked by 7 of us (Junkyard, timmypg, chiefjay, irish, Luke, CaP'N GRuNGe, gdogg)

Edit: Tennessee 121, Long Beach State 86

Creighton (10) over Nevada (7) was favored by 4 pickers (Junkyard, Keith, loaf, Meangreen92)

Edit: Nevada 77, Creighton 71

While 3 of you will be rooting for Illinois (12) over Virginia Tech (5) (Luke, Geist, gdogg).

Edit: Illinois 54, Virginia Tech 52

Two upsets were picked by 2 entries: Arkansas (12) over USC (5) (BillyBalata, Luke)

Edit: USC 77, Arkansas 60

and Holy Cross (13) over Southern Illinois (4) (chiefjay, irish).

Edit: Southern Illinois 61, Holy Cross 51

Finally, my son (Luke) will be the only one of us rooting for New Mexico (13) over Texas (4).

Edit: Texas 79, New Mexico 67

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