Sunday, March 18, 2007

Helping Out

I was planning for a lazy afternoon at home, catching up on laundry, watching basketball, and playing with my 1-year-old son, George.

My wife was taking the kids to see Anderson Varejao and get autographs at the Giant Eagle in Medina. Well less than a mile from home her car died. She ended up borrowing her sister's car to go to Medina and I had to pack up the baby and go wait while the tow-truck from AAA came.

Well the tow-truck came quickly but since we were already out, George and I decided to run some errands. I needed some pens for my car (a vital tool for any pizza delivery driver) and Brooke needed a notebook for school. We got the pens at the DollarTree and tried BigLots but neither place had a notebook.

Since I was driving past I thought I would stop in and say hi at my pizza shop and see how things were going, I hadn't been there since Wednesday night. Well it didn't take long for me to see how things were going. Waitress Stacy had several tables and a call on hold. Manager Ady was making pizzas and then cutting and boxing them once they came out of the oven. Driver Alison was out on a double and there were 2 more on top of the oven, and 1 more about to come out.

I offered to take the farthest delivery and Ady asked if I could take 2. I took the 2 deliveries (with baby George riding along) and made a quick $4 on tips, driving just 5 miles.

When I got back things were back under control. I filled up my gas tank for the night and then stopped on my way home at Discount Drug Mart and got the notebook for just $0.79!

I hope we're still busy when I go back for my shift at 5 pm. But for now it's time to go fold some laundry.

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