Thursday, March 8, 2007

Leviticus 9:13 and Credit Card Tips

As part of my daily devotions, I am reading the Bible in one year. I have read the Bible from start to finish every year for the past several years. This year I am doing something different, but the result will be the same. Each week our church bulletin suggests the readings for each day. Each day includes 4 passages: Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.

If I read all 4 passages each day throughout the year, by December 31st I will have read through the entire Bible.

Well on February 26th I came across these words in Leviticus 9:13 and realized that, in a way, they apply to my work as a pizza delivery driver:

"Do not make your hired workers wait until the next day to receive their pay."

Now of course we get a bi-weekly pay check for our hourly wages. We also get cash tips throughout each night. But what happens to the credit card tips, you may wonder?

Well they are actually paid out to the drivers (and waitresses) at the end of their shift. So my employer is indeed following a Biblical principle here.

I always thought that they were probably accumulated throughout the pay period and added onto the paycheck, but this is not the case at our pizza shop, or at any other restaurant that I am aware of.

So now you know.


Sadie Lynn said...

My experience has been different. Credit card tips were split and added onto the pay stub ... so that you got to pay taxes on them up-front.

Good to hear that isn't the case for you.

Suni said...

That's interesting. I have never worked a job where we got tips.