Saturday, March 17, 2007

Beginner's Luck!

OK this is ridiculous!

First place in our group is my wife Victoria, picking 29/32 first round games correctly and then getting 7/8 right in Saturday's 2nd round games. Victoria has never filled out a tournament bracket before in her life!

Second place is my 9 year old stepson Nathan. Nathan missed 5 first round games and also called 7/8 correct in the first day of the 2nd round.

Meangreen92 from has the distinction of being the first entrant to have one of his final four teams lose, when Duke lost in the first round. He lost another team today when Butler defeated Maryland. Chiefjay from joined him today when Vanderbilt knocked off Washington State.

Six of the eight winners today were favorites, with only Vanderbilt (6) over Washington State (3) and Butler (5) over Maryland (4) pulling off upsets.

My entry is tied with 5 other brackets for 3rd place.

Tomorrow night I will be delivering so expect another pizza-related post (finally) late Sunday night.

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