Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 Minutes Or Less - Movie Review

I watched a special screening of the movie 30 Minutes Or Less tonight at Crocker Park.  I got the passes in an email from  I'm not sure why, other than that I won passes for Mastermind from the same website via facebook.

It's interesting that I got to go, as I am regarded as an expert on pizza delivery movies.  My Top 10 List used to be cited as a reference on Wikipedia, but I just checked and now it is not.

Back to tonight, I arrived about 15 minutes before the movie was to start, and the theater was quite full.  There were seats in the first 3 rows, but mostly just single seats near the top, where I usually like to sit.  Lucky for me I was alone so I took one of the single seats.

The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg, famous for playing Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Media.  It had some funny parts, including a line from Eisenberg's character where he said he was "good with faces", and alot of crude humor.

The plot fell apart when the pizza guy was kidnapped from an abandoned junkyard.  If the pizza guy doesn't return from the run in a reasonable amount of time, and doesn't answer his phone, any reasonable manager will either send another driver to check on him, check the location himself, or call the police.  Yet when our hero shows up the next day to quit his job (on his way to rob the bank), the missing pizza (and subsequent payment) from the night before is never mentioned.  How did they balance the register?  What's wrong at Vito's Pizza?

But as a whole, I can't approve of a movie that makes light of a pizza guy having a bomb strapped to his chest and robbing a bank, when a real pizza driver died in that exact situation in Erie PA in 2003. RIP Brian Wells.

Monday, August 8, 2011

School & Movie Premier

OK, so I haven't started back up to delivering yet.  School is hard!  And it is taking all of my time.  So no new stories.

The good news is I just won 2 free passes to the premier of 30 Minutes Or Less from the website  So I will see it on Thursday night and I will post a review that night!  From the previews I have seen it looks pretty hilarious!