Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breaking Records!

... not me but the store. There's a note on the bulletin board that says Super Bowl week was our best week ever. There's another note after that saying that the following week, we did $1000 more than Super Bowl week! Things are looking up!

I had 12 deliveries tonight in 5 hours driving. Stayed another hour in the dishroom. It was a pretty average night. I drove 54 miles and made $26 in tips. 2 stiffs, 1 x $1, 5 x $2, 2 x $3, 1 x $4, 1 x $5. The only surprise was that I did that well. The neighborhoods I delivered to, with the exception of 2 houses, were ALL places I wouldn't even be sure if I could expect a tip at all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pizza For Your Valentine

Well tonight was Valentine's Day and as expected we were busy. I worked 6 hours, drove 61 miles, and took 21 deliveries, 6 more than Super Bowl Sunday when I worked the same shift!

Although my night started great with a $7 tip on a $43 order to the staff at a retirement home, it was only a so-so night. I had another $7 tip (on a $14 order) and a $5 tip on a $12 order to a bar, but I also had 6 stiffs and 4 $1 "tips". All in all I ended up with $43 in tips.

Definitely worth going to work for, but definitely not what I would expect for 21 deliveries.

Special thanks to co-workers Tyler (a girl!) and Alison for passing out some valentine candy!

Bad news of the night is that there is a "mandatory" meeting next Sunday morning at 9 AM. I plan to be in church. We'll see how "mandatory" it really is.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cat Wrestling?

I drove for 4 hours tonight, from 6-10. Again we were pretty busy and I ended up taking 14 deliveries. I drove 41 miles and made $29 in tips.

Can you believe that I was pleasantly surprised by a tip less than 10%? Well I was. First off it was 8 pizzas to the Police Station. In my experience, the police never tip. The total was $81.99. I found out on the way that it was already paid for. That made a tip even less likely. But to my surprise, it was a group meeting in the police "Community Room" and the guy who met me handed me $7. Not great but not bad either.

A while later, I delivered to an apartment. The mom told her son to grab the 2-liter from me, and the son replied, "I can't, Mom, I've got the cat in a full-nelson!" Now there's a statement you don't hear every day!

My night could have ended there, I had taken 8 deliveries and had collected $24 in tips. Yes, my last 6 runs netted me a grand total of $5. The highlight was a delivery to government-assisted housing where the guy's total was $14.98. He handed me $15 and proudly said, "Keep the change!"

My next night of working is Valentine's Day!

Super Bowl Sunday 2010

Lately I haven't been working on Sundays but of course I made sure I was available to drive tonight. I worked from 5-11 and we started off slow, I think I only took 1 delivery in the first hour. Things started picking up around 7 and from 7 until 9 we were slammed! From 9 on I was pretty much the only driver, so I stayed busy, taking 15 deliveries in all.

I drove 57 miles and made $35 in tips. More than I made in 2008 and the same as 2007 (when I started an hour earlier). I didn't work last year as I had a broken arm.

Most surprising tip was from a woman who ordered a Personal Panormous and thought she had ordered a Panormous. These are nowhere near the same size but still she tipped almost $6. Other than that I had 1 $5 tip, 5 $3 tips, 4 $2 tips, 1 $1 tip, and 3 stiffs.

I started saying to people, "Enjoy the game," and several said "Thanks, you too" before realizing that was a pretty stupid thing to say.

Final delivery of the night was a wierd one, it was one order but was paid separately, one person paid $14.98 by credit card (and tipped $1.02) and the other person paid $18.42 cash (and tipped $2.58).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Money Making Monday

We were super-busy tonight. I think it's the $10 pizzas. Of my 16 deliveries, 4 were a single $10 pizza and 2 were 2 pizzas for $20. Most of the other 10 included a $10 pizza but with wings, breadsticks, pasta, Pepsi, I really can't say which ones.

I worked 5 hours and took 16 deliveries, drove 53 miles, and made $44 in tips. My first 6 deliveries each tipped $3. My next trip was a double that tipped $5 on the first house and $1 on the 2nd house.

Adventure of the night was a delivery to xx07 West ave. I get there and there's xx05 and xx09. I call the customer 3 times before they answer and admit they are on xx07 Middle ave. (Luckily just a block away). I'm on the phone as I'm pulling in their driveway and still they let me wait on the porch at least a couple minutes before opening the door. Want to guess if they tipped? (No).

My only other stiff was my last run of the night. He was so excited to get his pizza so fast, he had been quoted an hour on the phone. He questioned whether his pizza was fresh. (It was, we don't premake anything, ever). He said he wanted me to always deliver his pizza. I'd be happier with never.

At one point tonight we had 6 drivers in the store. Joel, Joel's mom, 3 new guys (Matt, Jonathan, and Paul?) and me. But 2 of the new guys may have just been doing prep and dishes, I never saw them on the road. Any other Monday it would have been WAY too many drivers but tonight we needed them all!