Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, No Purpose!

I apologize for taking an entire year between posts.  I've been mostly treading water as a pizza guy, due to many other jobs, including teaching C# as an adjunct professor at the local community college.

I will summarize:

  • I worked a few weeks in the "nicer town" until the GM there realized (and rightly so) that the part-timer (me) can't work only the best shift (Friday).  So I got transferred back.
  • My friend and GM for the original store, Nick, got promoted to Regional Manager.  Good for him, bad for me.  The new GM and I did not seem to speak the same language when I was making schedule requests.
  • I worked at the original store from January to July and discovered a new favorite quasi-holiday.  The "Sunday after the 4th" (of July).  By this time, the man of the house is tired of cooking out, the woman of the house is not ready to go back to the kitchen, and the kids still want to eat.  Pizza is the answer!  I took 21 deliveries in 8 hours and made $93 in tips!
  • In August I transferred again, to a quiet town, following the same GM I followed previously.  I needed to work once every other pay period at minimum to stay on the payroll (and stay grandfathered in at the higher split pay rate).
  • I only worked 3 times after school started (September to November) until I let myself fall off the payroll.  I was really at peace with this until ...
Last night on New Years Eve, I ordered from my franchise, the nearest location to me.  At the pickup window, the GM there recognized me from many years ago, gave me the employee discount, and basically told me I could work whenever.  I wish I had known prior to losing my grandfather status ...

To be continued ...