Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pizza For Parkinson's Fundraiser

My dad had Parkinson's disease so I have a special interest in it.  Actor Michael J. Fox has become a spokesman and his organization, Team Fox, does alot of fundraising for Parkinson's research.

Well, the week of November 2-5 (Tuesday - Friday), the California Pizza Kitchen restaurant in New York City will donate 20% of the check to the Fox Foundation if you bring the flyier at this link.  I'm not sure how many of my readers are in the NYC area, but if you are, stop in and help out a worthy cause!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Different Styles

We had a different manager tonight as the normal Monday night manager is on vacation.  I've worked with this manager for years and like him, but I realized tonight that the Monday night manager is very efficient!

She usually has most of the frozen prep done and alot of dishes done for the night before I arrive.  This was not the case tonight, and it wasn't because we were busy.  We were only on ticket #58 for the day, when I got there at 6.

So I ended up working past 11 with another driver.  I've gotten used to being sent home between 9 & 10.

Totals for the night:  5.12 hours, 6 deliveries, 18 miles, $18.50 in tips.  Mileage was super low tonight, and almost half of it came on 1 delivery.  The other 5 were all super close.

No remarkable customer interactions, all tips between $2 and $4.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hotel Delivery Etiquette

I went to Kalahari this week with my family.  This is an indoor waterpark and hotel in Sandusky, Ohio.  On Thursday night we ordered pizza from Chet & Matt's.  We got 2 large pizzas, breadsticks, and cheese sticks, for $33, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Now anyone who orders delivery to a hotel should tip a minimum of $5.  Increasing for big orders, bad weather, or delivery all the way to your room.

The order-taker told me they would bring the pizza to the front desk, and I would have to meet them there.  I was planning to tip about $8.

Well I messed up.  My wallet was in the room, and though I called my daughter to bring it to the lobby, we had a miscommunication and the pizza guy had to wait about 5 minutes before she found us.

He said he didn't mind, we actually struck up a conversation about P90X, which I used to drop 30 lbs last summer, and he is just getting started, hoping to add some muscle.  But I felt awful, making him wait, so I gave him a $10 tip.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Manager Speak

Manager:  "I need to see that ticket"

Waitress:  "Which one?"

Manager:  "The one with that pizza ..."

I overheard this conversation tonight and it cracked me up.  We are a major PIZZA chain.  All of our guest checks have pizzas on them!

I worked 4.66 hours, drove 35 miles, took 7 deliveries, and made $20 in tips.

First delivery was a $5 tip ... I arrived at the house about 10 minutes before the customer.  I knocked a few times, then called, he was still on his way home from work.  I wonder why he didn't just pick it up himself?

Anyhow, I spent the time chatting with the next door neighbor (who shares a driveway) who was sitting out on her side step.  She commented, "At least you get a break."  To which I replied, "I don't get paid as much when I'm on a break."  She asked a few more questions and I got to educate her:
  • Drivers get minimum wage.
  • Drivers don't get the delivery charge
  • Drivers get about $1 per delivery towards car expenses but have to buy their own gas
  • I make about half my money on tips
  • Most people these days seem to be tipping around $3
And indeed, 5 of my next 6 deliveries tipped $3 exactly.  (To go along with 1 stiff).

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ferrari 360 Spyder

Tips would have to be pretty special to be able to afford driving something like this on a delivery!

Seriously, though, here is a press release about the grand opening of a Domino's store in the UK, that included a soccer star, and "special" deliveries using the Ferrari 360 Spyder you see on your right.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well I wasn't exactly lost, but neither could I find the address, and I ended up coming back to the store with the food.

The delivery was to a manufacturing business on an industrial parkway.  Unfortunately there is a new section that I was not aware of that doesn't connect to the other sections.  I tried calling but the work number they listed just went to voicemail.  (They should have used their cell #).

When I got back to the store, the manager was on the phone with the customer, I got the correct directions quick and headed back out.  The pizza was still hot (hot bags are awesome!) and best of all the customer still tipped $5.

Unfortunately this didn't make up for my next run, a triple stiff!  One delivery to an apartment where there was some confusion whether or not the order was paid by credit card.  I think this one was late because we were out of banana peppers and (again) couldn't contact the customer using the phone # they had listed.

Next was 2 orders to a house, with a note that said "call 5 minutes before you get there."  I knew the neighborhood and knew what was going on.  They live in the "South Park" apartments, now known as Midview Crossings, where we do not deliver for safety reasons.  So they gave an address of a house across the street and they will go and meet me in front of the house.

I wasn't happy about this and knew there would be no tip, but we took the orders so I didn't have many options.  It wasn't that I was afraid, I don't get out of my car if the situation isn't right, and I spoke with both customers on the phone as I was on my way.  It's just frustrating being lied to and then being stiffed.

Along with these 4 orders, I had 3 more that were unremarkable, that tipped $3, $0, and $4.  Oh well the $3 one was remarkable, the woman proudly told me she put the dogs out back before I arrived.  Unfortunately the smell didn't go outside with them.  WHOA!

I'm so out of practice I forgot to put my totals!  4.1 hours, 7 deliveries, 31 miles, $12 in tips.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pizza Vending Machine

For real?  In Italy none the less!

Interesting that I had a similar post about a year ago!

Pizza Movie on the Web - Larry and Burt's Gut Rot!

I was made aware today of a web series called Larry & Burt's Gut Rot.  This is based on the true stories of a pizza delivery driver and his brother.

I watched the first episode tonight and I have to say, they nailed it!  The smell that lingers in the car, the customer's payment issue (so typical), and the written notes afte the delivery, these are certainly all things I have experienced over and over during the past few years.

Any restaurant worker will love these movies.

One word of caution, the language makes these "adult" movies, it is not appropriate for the family hour.  But then again, neither is the job of pizza delivery.  So there.

I can't wait to watch the other episodes (6 in all, so far).