Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hotel Delivery Etiquette

I went to Kalahari this week with my family.  This is an indoor waterpark and hotel in Sandusky, Ohio.  On Thursday night we ordered pizza from Chet & Matt's.  We got 2 large pizzas, breadsticks, and cheese sticks, for $33, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Now anyone who orders delivery to a hotel should tip a minimum of $5.  Increasing for big orders, bad weather, or delivery all the way to your room.

The order-taker told me they would bring the pizza to the front desk, and I would have to meet them there.  I was planning to tip about $8.

Well I messed up.  My wallet was in the room, and though I called my daughter to bring it to the lobby, we had a miscommunication and the pizza guy had to wait about 5 minutes before she found us.

He said he didn't mind, we actually struck up a conversation about P90X, which I used to drop 30 lbs last summer, and he is just getting started, hoping to add some muscle.  But I felt awful, making him wait, so I gave him a $10 tip.

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