Monday, August 2, 2010

Pizza Driver Safety Advice

What was he thinking?
On Sunday we drove past this house where the robbery took place last week.  It's hard for me to believe that even in the dark, the driver got out of his car at this house.

Here is some safety advice for pizza drivers.

  • Carry a cell phone.

  • Call the phone number for new addresses to verify the order.

  • Never get out of your car at a dark house.

  • If there is any question about the safety of a location, don't even pull into the driveway so that someone could park behind you and block you in.  Pull up on the street and leave your flashers flashing.

  • Don't approach a house with numerous people loitering near the door or on the porch.
Oh and a quick shout out to my friend Ward, a former pizza manager.  He was attacked with a golf club the other day while doing repo work for Rent-A-Center.