Tuesday, March 6, 2007

How To Open A Financially Successful Pizza & Sub Restaurant - Book Review

This book is written by Shri L. Henkel & Douglas R. Brown. It is part of a series of books that includes "How To Open" books on Bakery, Bed & Breakfast, Coffee Shop, & Gourmet Food Shop.

This book is 480 pages and I highly recommend it to anyone considering purchasing or opening a pizza shop. It would also be useful to pizzeria owners and general managers.

It starts from the beginning, including such topics as finding the potential site and evaluating whether or not to buy a franchise. It covers how to write a business plan and how to obtain financing.

The book includes 39 pages of recipes on how to make everything from dough to sauce, from chicken marsala to reubens to strawberry gelato.

This is a very detailed and very current book. It includes hundreds of website URL's on each topic from government requirements to where to restaurant furniture suppliers. There is also a very useful CD that has sample business plans, as well as various forms, charts, and lists included in the book.

There are chapters on Controlling Costs, Menu Planning, Staffing, Employee Relations, Kitchen Management, Marketing, Sanitation, and many more. This book covers so many topics useful to a pizza shop manager I can't even mention them all.

There are only 3 pages directed towards delivery drivers. These pages address delivery driver tips (advice), a delivery driver kit, and driver safety. I was hoping for a little more on the delivery aspect but that obviously is not the topic of this book.

All in all this is a terrific book, very practical and up to date, well organized, and easy to read. I would strongly recommend it to all pizza shop owners and general managers, as well as anyone considering such a career.

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Buffalo Gap High School in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia said...

I just saw your comments. I'm glad you found useful information in the book. There was so much information to share. But, I hope Jasons' delivery suggestions were of help to you. He was a trainer in one of the stores I worked in and a very effective driver.

Shri Henkel

PS - This is posted under another account that I use for a client :)