Monday, March 19, 2007

Tip Me Over

No funny or interesting stories tonight, just some solid tippers.

Well one interesting story, when I arrived tonight we had 2 waitresses (alot for a Monday) and they had dozens of paper cups lined up on the counter. Apparently we were expecting a party of over 100, a choir traveling on their way from Indiana to New York, stopping off for pizza on the way.

An hour or so later I asked where the big party was, and they had called, they had bus trouble and were running late, so they had to stop for dinner elsewhere.

I drove for 5 hours tonight, took just 8 deliveries, and drove 44 miles. I did make $29 in tips. Yes that's right, over $3.50 per tip on average. I had 3 tips of $5 even, and 2 more gave me $4 and the coins. Only my first delivery of the night failed to tip.

It was a profitable night, I just wish we were busier.

Oh and apparently last night when I posted, ESPN was not done updating their standings, as today my 9-year-old stepson Nathan is in first place all by himself in our pool!

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