Friday, March 2, 2007

Another Carnival, and Nick Has A Blog!

Turnover at most pizza places is pretty high. I have worked at our shop, a franchise, for less than 3 years and there are only 4 employees with more seniority than me. Of those 4, 3 of them work the day shift. One driver, Mark, and 2 waitresses, Kim and Angie.

The only evening employee that has been there longer than me is Nick. Nick started a couple months before me, as a cook, while he was still a sophomore in high school. Nick is a hard worker and a real go-to guy. After he turned 18 he has run some manager shifts. Recently due to another store closing and us inheriting several of their employees, Nick is back on the make-line.

But the reason I mention all of this is, Nick has a blog! Check him out.

Also, we have been included in another Blog Carnival, this time the Carnival Of Dining Out!

I'm busy this weekend finalizing the schedule for the soccer league that my team plays in. I have 476 games that I need to assign to fields, dates, and times. So I won't be delivering again until Monday.

I thought I posted this already but I must have put it somewhere else. My nephew Zorlod also has a blog. Good stuff!

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