Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lost And Found

Several weeks ago I posted about my very cool $140 stereo in my $600 car. Well after I park my car I ride the RTA Rapid Train to my day job. Every day I take the faceplate off and put it in my work bag.

One Friday I got back to my car and I didn't have the faceplate. It wasn't in my bag. It wasn't in my car. I thought maybe it had fallen out when I tossed my work bag on my desk at the office. Of course I couldn't check until Monday so I drove in silence that weekend. BORING!

Well on Monday I checked and it was not at work. I thought maybe it was lost. That afternoon I remembered a meeting I had the Thursday night before it came up lost where I took my laptop. I thought maybe I had put the faceplate in the laptop bag and not thought of putting it back Friday morning. My hopes rose.

Well I got home and it was not in the laptop bag either. I thought it was lost. I actually started pricing faceplates on ebay. $35-$40.

On Tuesday I was down to my last hope. I checked the RTA Information Desk at Tower City. Nobody was there but RTA employee Alesia was very helpful. When she found out what I was looking for it she called "central rail" where the lost and found is. They had the faceplate!

She began giving me directions, I would have to ride the train in the opposite direction. I said maybe I would get it the next day. At that point Alesia asked if I was in Tower City every day. I said that I was. She volunteered to pick it up for me and bring it to Tower City the next day. How awesome!

The next day after lunch I went down to the RTA and sure enough, Alesia was there with my faceplate. I asked her if I could get her a milkshake or something to express my thanks. She said "How about a green tea from Panera Bread, with honey and ginseng?"

I was more than happy to get it for her. What a helpful employee! I was quite relieved to have my radio back!

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