Monday, March 26, 2007

Final Four Preview

Congratulations to the teams that made the final four, and to the contest entrants that picked all 4! We had 3 out of 23 entrants, that's pretty amazing!

There are 8 possible outcomes at this point, let's see who would win in each situation. Semi-final games are worth 120 each and the final counts for 160 so lots of teams are still in play.

Dunfee is currently 1st and has UCLA over OSU so if that is the final outcome, he is the champion.

My entry wins if OSU defeats Florida in the final game.

Pizza driver gdogg has Georgetown over Florida so he wins that scenario.

My stepson Nathan has Florida over OSU and would win in that case.

Huddler timmypg wins if his picks, Florida over Georgetown, come through.

Nobody picked UCLA over Georgetown, OSU over UCLA, or Georgetown over UCLA. If UCLA and Georgetown both win on Saturday, Dunfee wins the pizza. My entry will win if OSU defeats UCLA in the final game.

Good luck everyone!


Mike D said...

dunfee!!! dunfee!! dunfee!!! dunfee!! dunfee!!!

KevinL said...

Have you decided what kind of pizza you want if you win?