Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday NCAA Preview

I'm home from church today, my son has a fever, so I thought I would do a little more bracket analysis and see who has the upset picks today. This time I will check anyone who has a seed lower than a 4 winning today and advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

Two upsets today are very popular among our entrants.

Virginia Tech (5) was selected to defeat Southern Illinois (4) by 12 of our players (Victoria, Zorlod, KevinL, Junkyard, unateve, yang, Puddy, irish, Keith, chiefjay, CaP'N GRuNGe, Meangreen92).

The Volunteers from Tennessee (5) over Virginia (4) was marked on 11 brackets (Victoria, Nathan, BillyBalata, KevinL, twiley, drborgata, Geist, Dunfee, Markell, loaf, Meangreen92)

Edit: Tennessee 77, Virginia 74

Also, UNLV (7) got some love over Wisconsin (2), being picked by 6 entrants (Victoria, BillyBalata, KevinL, Geist, Dunfee, chiefjay)

Less popular upset picks included USC (5) over Texas (4), by 3 entrants (Nathan, drborgata, Meangreen92)

Nevada (7) was selected over Memphis (10) also by 3 entrants (Markell, chiefjay, timmypg)

Finally, 2 of us think/hope/pray that Winthrop (11) will defeat Oregon (3) (Victoria, Geist)

None of us picked either Purdue (9) over Florida (1) or Kentucky (8) over Kansas (1).

Interestingly, gdogg picked the favorites in all 8 games today. My son Luke also isn't explicitly rooting for any underdogs, his 2 upset picks for today (Albany and New Mexico) both lost in the first round.

Good luck and enjoy your Sunday hoops!

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