Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Keep The Change

Nothing consequential happened tonight. I worked 5 hours, took 7 deliveries and made $20 in tips. All but 1 of the deliveries were rather far away, I drove 45 miles, an average of 6.5 miles per trip. This is significantly more than my long-term average of 4 miles per delivery.

I did get to use one of my lines tonight twice.

Whenever the customer says "You keep the change," I look them in the eye and reply "You keep the pizza." Sometimes I vary the tone or speed of my voice, but this pretty much never fails to get a chuckle.

I don't work again until Sunday so hopefully I will be able to calculate and post my March totals sometime soon.

Oh and we did get included in the Carnival of the Redeemed again, over at Cass's Midlife Musings. Check it out! And read the post about prayers about money. This may be true but I doubt it will stop many of us from praying anyways.

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