Thursday, March 15, 2007

NCAA Day 1

What a great day of basketball! I wish I could have watched more of it.

It's been a day ruled by the favorites, with only 3 higher seeds being upset. Two of those "upsets" were in the 8-9 games which can hardly be called an upset. The biggest (and only) upset of the day was Virginia Commonwealth knocking off Duke.

Of course just a few weeks ago it was questionable whether or not Duke would even be invited to the tournament, going 4-5 in the month of February.

In our group, the early leader was unateve (from The Huddle) who nailed the first 12 games of perfectly before missing 2 (Indiana and BYU). He ends the day at 14-2. Also at 14-2 are my wife Victoria, who just told me "this is my first bracket ever", huddlers twiley and Junkyard, fellow pizza delivery driver drborgata from Tip The Pizza Guy, and my nephew zorlod.

It's going to be a fun 3 weeks!

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