Thursday, March 15, 2007

NCAA Basketball Commentary

The tournament is underway and we have 23 entries in our group. I did some quick analysis and here are the teams you have selected to make the final four:

St. Louis Region:
The overwhelming favorite here is Florida (17) followed by Wisconsin (3), Oregon (2), and Maryland (1)

San Jose Region:
Fairly even here with UCLA (10) and Kansas (9) being the most common picks. Southern Illinois (2), Pittsburgh (1) and Duke (1) also were selected.

East Rutherford Region:
Another toss-up between North Carolina (10) and Georgetown (9). Texas (2) and Washington State (2) round out the field.

San Antonio Region:
Being that my family and I are from Ohio, it's no surprise that the nations #1 team, Ohio State (12) was the most common selection in this region. With 30 wins, Memphis (6) was also a popular pick, followed by Texas A&M (4) and Virginia (1)

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