Monday, March 12, 2007

Labor And (Pizza) Delivery

Well actually it was 20 mild wings and a family order of cheese sticks, but let's not let the details bog us down.

I answered the phone and took the order, it was to the maternity ward at the local hospital. They ordered wings and cheese sticks, then asked if I could stop by the local ice cream shop. I said that since I was the driver, I sure could. I don't think she was expecting that and she said no, never mind, just bring the wings and cheese sticks.

When I arrived there was a man pacing by his car right by the entrance. A woman, obviously pregnant and in great distress, was leaning back in the passenger seat. As I went towards the door, a nurse was coming out with a wheel chair to bring the patient inside.

I went on ahead in and up to the 3rd floor where the maternity area is. There were about 5 nurses sitting around behind the nurses station, but guess which one ordered the food? Of course the one who was actually working, wheeling in the new patient.

She arrived shortly and (luckily) had her money ready, $22 for a $19.07 order. My 2nd best tip of the night, and again, on an order where I took the phone call.

My best tip was $3 cash on a credit card order to an apartment at the far edge of our delivery zone. A woman and her young son answered the door. As I thanked them for the tip, she said that the boys dad was a delivery driver so she knew how it was to live on tips.

My worst tip was minus 8 cents. The order was $14.08, the guy paid with a $20 and I handed him back 6 singles, saying "here's 6 back for you." He said "keep the change" to which I replied "It was $14.08, there is no change."

All in all I took 8 deliveries, worked 4 1/2 hours, made $12 in tips, and drove 35 miles. It was a pretty slow night and I asked to come home early. Thanks to Desiree for closing by herself and to Ward for letting me leave at 10:30 PM.

Coming soon (to both our store and to this blog): Online Ordering

We have a new computer that sits ominously in the back. When I understand how it works, I will describe it here.

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