Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weird Story

Here is a weird story, sent to me by a reader, about a mix-up in the order, and a strange way the pizza shop chose to resolve the order.

As a driver, I highly doubt any shop would "reuse" (re-sell or even eat) the returned food in any way. More likely they just didn't want the customer getting something for nothing.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Madness

Tonight was the NCAA basketball championship game, but I didn't really expect much extra business. Getting a gang together to watch the big game and having pizza delivered seems to have gone out of fashion, I did deliver to 1 party of guys getting ready for the game though.

Two of my first 4 deliveries were free re-takes of things that were not delivered properly the first time. Breadsticks & cheesesticks. No tip either time, which is the rule. But the original driver should have had to take the remakes, not me!

After 6 deliveries I was up to just $7. That was around 8 P.M. and it was just 2 drivers, Thomas & I. Then business picked up. I don't think it was the game though. Of my last 9 deliveries, 2 were to nurses at work (hospital & nursing home) and 3 were to women with small children.

Twice I returned to the store to find that Thomas had skipped the oldest run. Now, being creative and routing yourself with doubles & triples is expected late at night when we are down to just a couple drivers. But you must take the oldest run! If you skip it to take a better order, I can skip it too, and it just gets later and later.

The first "skipped run" that I took was over an hour old. The girl actually put her finger in the pasta to see if it was still warm. It was! She also actually put $1 back in her pocket that she had clearly intended to tip me.

I'll be off for the next several weeks, probably until late May, due to coaching and refereeing youth soccer. In the meantime, I highly recommend Diary Of A Pizza Girl! I may post a news article or some other curiosity now and then.

Totals for the night: 5 hours driving, 15 runs, $34 in tips, 48 miles.