Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pizza Dress Code Violation

We had a surprise (to me at least) audit tonight. We did pretty well but I cost us a point by wearing jeans.

When I started 3 1/2 years ago, the GM told me that I had to wear black or tan pants or shorts, and that as a driver, jeans were allowed. So I have always worn jeans. A couple times when I didn't have a clean pair I've worn black docker-type pants. I have several reasons that I prefer the jeans.
  • Jeans are more sturdy, holding up better with the daily washing that is required. The dishroom can be pretty messy and every night my clothes need laundered.
  • Jeans are much warmer. Sometimes in the winter I have to traipse through unshoveled snow, and then I stand at the door for minutes, often in a biting wind.
  • Most of all, the pockets are tighter and I have never had money fall out. Sometimes when I have worn other pants, getting in and out of my car over and over, my fold of bills will shift its way out of my pockets.
I'm pretty sure most of the other pizza shops allow their employees to wear jeans.

I worked 5 hours tonight, and it was a horrible night. I took 13 deliveries, and 6 of them did not tip. My total tips were just $21. I drove 41 miles, a low total for that many deliveries.

I filled the gas tank in the new Chevy Prism again, driving 158.0 miles on 4.941 gallons, or a total of 32.0 miles per gallon.

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