Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"The Money's On The Coffee Table"

That was the quote that started a very humorous exchange tonight on my 3rd delivery of the night.

I was at the door and the man of the house was flipping through his wallet for the cash to pay for his pizza. "The money's on the coffee table," a woman called out from the back of the apartment.

"What?" the man replied.

"The money's on the coffee table."

"What coffee table? We don't have a coffee table."

"Yes we do," she said.

"Which one is it?" he questioned her.

"If she says you have a coffee table, you have a coffee table," I suggested to the man. We both chuckled.

"Are you making fun of me?" the woman asked.

"Yeah because we don't have a coffee table," the man replied. "We don't even drink coffee."

"It's a good thing one of you 2 is leaving," the woman chirped back. Then she pointed out, "This one is the coffee table."

"I guess I have a coffee table," the man told me with a smile.

"Congratulations!" I told him after we had completed the exchange.

I had a much better night tonight, driving 6 hours, taking 15 deliveries, driving 47 miles, and making $38 in tips.

Today's Chevy Prism report: 107.9 miles on 3.099 gallons of gas is 34.8 miles per gallon.

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