Sunday, November 4, 2007

Another Low-Tip-Average Night

I had a rare 4-9 shift today. We were rather busy, partly due to the Browns game starting at 4 PM. Also, due to the end of daylight savings, our rush came about an hour early. I also was able to leave early, shortly after 8:30 PM.

I took 13 deliveries. Of my first 9 deliveries, 5 of them did not tip (or tipped less than $1, which I don't consider a tip.

Only my last 2 runs, a double where I got a combined $5.87, and a single where I got $5.96, turned it into a halfway decent night.

I drove 44 miles and made a total of $22 in tips.

Gas mileage was a little lower tonight, as the driving came mostly from my pizza shift. I drove 59.5 miles and put 2.364 gallons in the gas tank. So my miles per gallon was just 25.2 tonight.

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