Monday, November 26, 2007

Is Pizza Deductible?

I had 2 "stiffs" tonight and each of them upset me in their own way.

The first one paid $15.08 by exact change, and then asked for a receipt. "Sure, you gonna claim that on your taxes?" I asked as I handed him the receipt.

Not much later, I had a delivery to my own neighborhood. There are only 41 houses in my development, and this particular house, I knew the mother (of the adult girl who paid). She gave me $9 for an $8.58 order, saying "That's all for you."

Totals for the night were 6 hours of driving, 16 deliveries, $32 in tips, and 62 miles. Biggest tip of the night was $5+ on a $25.57 order to some nurses on the 10th floor of the local hospital.


JasonT said...

I know your pain! I'm a driver for a Papa John's franchise and people that pull the 42 cent tip really drive me up the wall!

Do your totals that you list include a mileage rate?


KevinL said...

Nope, totals are just for tips. Right now I get an additional $1.10 per run for mileage. It goes up and down slightly based on the price of gas. It has been as low as 85 cents and as high as $1.15.