Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick Update

After getting called off 3 Monday's in a row, I worked last night.  In 4.42 hours, I took 8 deliveries, made $17 in tips, and drove 36 miles.

Highlight of my night was a $5 tip from the family of a girl I used to coach in soccer.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Interesting night.  Delivered to an apartment building I didn't know existed (after 7 years of driving pizzas in the same town).  Delivered to a trailer with 2 big "Beware Of Dog" signs.  Well guess what, when they opened the door, don't worry, the stench!  Your nose would tell you there was an animal nearby!

3.47 hours, 9 deliveries, 34 miles, $17 in tips.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mouse Attack!

This story is hard to believe!  One pizzeria owner set some mice free in a rival's pizza shop!

Mice are certainly troublesome, we have had a few off and on over the years and we generally keep traps out.  But while they are annoying, I can't imagine they would cause enough trouble that someone would risk getting caught (which he did).

Why not wipe the footprints off the toilet seat?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Floods?

It rained so much last night, combined with melting snow, that several steets were flooded today.  Luckily for me everything was pretty much back to normal by 6 PM when I went to work.

I worked 4.14 hours, took 13 deliveries, made $30 in tips, and drove 52 miles.

A few deliveries stood out:
  • Got tipped $1 by a waitress at a bar.  It is not cool to get stiffed (or low tips) by other tipped employees!
  • Had a customer with a $13.99 order that paid with a $20.  He asked for $5 back.  I asked if he wanted a five or 5 ones.  He said, "Just 4 ones."  Asking the question got me an extra buck!
  • The very next customer had the exact same situation and asked for $5 back.  I asked the same question and they wanted the five-dollar bill.  I guess it doesn't work every time.
  • Final delivery of the night instructed the phone person (Driver Matt) to tell the driver to "Knock Hard."  Then they also taped a note to the outside of their door that said "Knock Hard."  I knocked hard and she came to the door right away.  I guess I did ok!