Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DiGiorno Delivery

Check out this hilarious video for "DiGiorno Delivery". Much thanks to Cale for suggesting it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Hotbags!

We got new Hotbags in the store. They don't even have our name on them, just the "Red Roof" logo. I realize that's not really interesting enough to blog about, but neither was anything else tonight.

I worked 4 hours and took 6 deliveries. I drove 13 miles and made $15. My first 4 deliveries were to South Logan, Purdue, and a double to Warren & Clark so those 4 deliveries only took 4 miles driving to accomplish!

The delivery on Clark was to an older couple celebrating the man's birthday in a small bar. They were the only people in the bar!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Howdy Neighbor!

I had an interesting delivery tonight, houses 122 & 123 on the same street, about 10 minutes apart. Of course I waited around and took them as a double. Total tips from that run was $5.83.

Ironically I just read a blog post about a similar situation, where a fake customer placed 2 orders and while the driver was trying to deliver the first order (at a hotel), the customer stole the 2nd order out of his car! Read the blog to find out how the driver caught them the next time. It's a great story!

I asked and got let go early tonight, I worked just 2 hours, drove 13 miles, took 4 deliveries, and made $10 in tips.

Monday, January 11, 2010

How's The Weather?


Four of 5 customers specifically mentioned the roads or the weather tonight. The one that did not, the husband said, "CHILLY" as the wife held the door open a little too long.

Two of 5 customers still didn't tip!

Worked 2.5 hours, drove 18 miles, took 5 deliveries, made $10 in tips.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bad Weather Driving Tips

The weather has been nasty this week. I'm sure the money was good but I'm actually glad I didn't have to be out in it as much.

Here are some winter driving tips from our local newspaper.

The biggest thing I can add as a pizza driver is, be prepared. Keep your car running well and gassed up. Have an ice scraper and maybe even toss a shovel in the back seat.

And take doubles & triples when it makes sense. If 2 orders are 6 minutes apart to the same part of town, in the summer they might go out as singles but in the winter they are definitely doubles. Customers will be more understanding about on-times in bad weather, and we really need to work together as drivers to minimize our miles (and time) on the road.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Tale Of Two Tippers

It was the best of tippers, it was the worst of tippers.

I worked 5 hours tonight (4 on the road and 1 doing dishes), drove 42 miles, took 13 deliveries, and made $28 in tips.

I had 3 different tip amounts tonight. At 5 houses, the customer showed their realization of the bitter cold weather and nasty roads, and tipped $4-5. These were the best of tippers.

At 3 houses, I got the standard $2 tip. One was on a free delivery (the customer had a credit, we had messed up so their order was free). This type of customer usually doesn't tip so the $2 there was actually a nice surprise.

At 5 houses, I got zero, zip, nada. Two stand out as especially bad.

One was out of our delivery area. The order taker said to me, "It was in the computer, we went there before, we have to go back." No, we don't. Just because we made a mistake in the past, doesn't mean we have to keep repeating it.

The other was to an apartment complex that is blacklisted due to it being a dangerous place. Lately we have been taking deliveries to the front security office to meet the customer. Well this kid didn't bring the credit card. I had already waited 5 minutes, and didn't feel like waiting while he walked back to the apartment then back up front, so I went ahead and gave him a ride back to the apartment. Still no tip.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve 2009 - Summary

It is late and I have plans in the morning, so I will make this brief. I may add a blow-by-blow recap later on.

I was scheduled from 5 to ? tonight. I ended up making deliveries until 11:30 (we closed - stopped taking calls - at 11).

I drove 82 miles, took 25 deliveries, and made $67 in tips. I made another $20 when one of the closing drivers paid me to stay until closing (which I was hoping to do anyways).

Highlight of the night was my 2nd-to-last delivery, 4 large pepperoni pizzas and 4 double-orders of cheesesticks to the apartments near my house. Total was $66 and I got a $14 tip!