Monday, March 29, 2010


Tonight was a wierd night. Just 2 drivers, Joel and I until around 8 when Joel left and Thomas arrived.

I started off with a triple, including a single pizza to a 3M factory where I watched them packaging sponges, before getting stiffed. Total for the triple was 2 stiffs and 1 $2 tip.

Next was a double with 2 credit card orders. Each one added $1 as a tip. So after 5 deliveries I had made $4 in tips.

Next came another triple. Finally some tips, made $9 combined, including $5 on a $20 order.

Next were 2 single runs where I made $2 each.

After that I took a double to south Elyria and Grafton. Stiffed on 11th St. (after waiting for about 5 minutes while the customer scrounged up the last dollar. "Mom can I borrow 90 cents?", and made $5 in Grafton.

Came back and found another double to almost the same 2 neighborhoods. Made $2 in Colonial Oaks trailer park and $3 in Grafton. This was actually a triple as I had to re-run some garlic sauces.

Totals for the night were 15 deliveries, $27 in tips, 5 hours working, and 71 miles. That's the wierd number, almost 5 miles per delivery. I usually average a little under 4 miles.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Night!

Tonight was a pretty good night! I worked 5 hours, took 13 deliveries, drove 57 miles, and made $37 in tips.

Started off with a $5 tip on a $18.97 order (at a trailer park). Next was a free order (due to a mess-up on Friday) to the same trailer park. Usually a remake doesn't come with a tip, but these customers realize it wasn't my fault (I wasn't even working Friday!) and gave me $2.

My only stiff was to a public housing unit, and I got 2 more $5 tips. Also a $3.03 tip where the guy had to go back and get more money (Thanks!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Take Charge

And it's a good thing we do (take charge cards that is). Of my 8 deliveries tonight, 6 of them were credit cards. First tip was the best ($6.61 on a $36.39 order) but everybody tipped decent tonight.

Except the employee at the Life Care Nursing Home.

She signed the credit card slip but just carried the subtotal down to the total, ignoring the tip line. I handed over the pizza, turned, and left. Then her coworkers were trying to joke with me, "I'll trade jobs for tonight" and then I heard them saying "I don't think he heard you."

I heard them just fine, but my time is valuable and if you aren't going to tip me, you aren't getting any extra time.

Compare that to the guy, usually a $1 tipper, I asked how he was doing and he replied, "Every day above ground is a good day." I said, "I've heard that one before but you know, it's always true." He gave me $3, definitely the most I've ever gotten at that house!

Totals for the night were 3.5 hours driving, 8 deliveries, 29 miles, and $23 in tips. Pretty decent!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Learning To Tip

I meant to write about this last night, but by the time I came home, showered, and sat down to blog, I must have forgotten.

It was my 2nd delivery. I had my bank of $15, and my $1 tip from my first delivery, a total of $16. The check was $21.99.

The customer had several $20 bills. He gave me one and asked the other guy in the house if he had a dollar. The other guy said he did not. They both dug in their pockets for a while. One asked if I took coins, and I replied, "Money is money."

The first guy handed me a 2nd $20 bill and asked if I could make change. I said that I had $16, which would leave me with a $2 tip. The guy looked confused.

I took both $20's and handed him back the $16. He asked again how much I owed him. I said, "I owe you $18. I gave you $16 so that leaves me with $2. Are we cool?"

The other guy came back from the other room with no more money. The first guy reached out and shook my hand. I guessed we were cool. I thanked him and went on my way. Probably the first time he ever tipped the pizza guy, but I hope it won't be his last!

Does Tipping Get You Better Service?

Absolutely. I had an order tonight, that tipped $5. When I got back to the store, the phone was ringing, I answered, and it was my customer, they had gotten the wrong kind of wings. I got the manager on the phone, and told her that the person was a good tipper.

We do get occasional scammers trying to get free food, but they don't tip. This customer got their remake of wings in about 15 minutes, and I didn't collect the wrong order either.

Totals for the 5 hour shift were 8 deliveries (7 plus the rerun), 42 miles, and $23 in tips.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mama Eun's Korean BBQ

I got a strange email the other day, suggesting I watch this video advertisement for Mama Eun's Korean BBQ - home delivery! Now usually I ignore this type of stuff but this one was unique enough, and it is delivery-related, I thought I would go ahead and post it.

I looked it up, Galbi is rib meat, usually beef or sometimes pork. If you decide to order some, be sure to let them know you heard about it here!

Hello Again, Gerry

Ex-driver Gerry is a new driver (again). He was telling some wierd story tonight about how he was in an accident and he thinks the guy who hit him was stalking him on one of his deliveries tonight. Strange!

Two other new employees tonight, driver Justin (Joel's brother & Kim's son) and cook Diedre.

I was scheduled 6-10 but didn't leave until after Midnight for the 2nd week in a row. Not good! Drove for 5 hours, took 14 runs, drove 43 miles and made $28.

First delivery the guy came to the door and said, "Wait, I forgot where I put the money." Why not your pockets?

Next person gave me a $20 for a $11.99 order and said, "Just give me 7 back." Thanks for the buck?

Next guy (apartment) was excited, his order was $12.49, and he said, "I got 13 here for ya." I guess I should have been happy with the buck at the previous house.

Next house had a really nice candle burning. I wish I had asked what the scent was!

Next house had a big white dog! It reminded me of a polar bear!

Next house, wasn't my turn but Kim said to skip her while she worked on dough-prep. Customer paid $21.05 for a $21.03 order. I guess I should have been happy with the 51 cents! Thanks alot Kim!

Next order, we were out of 2-liters of Mountain Dew. I called to see if I could bring a Pepsi or Sierra Mist, he said, "Just skip the pop, I have some beer here." Second best tipper of the night at $4.52.

Two more stops (had taken a triple), got 2 cents and $4.15, total $8.68 on the 3 runs.

Next took a double, first house was on an unplowed road. Treacherous! Next house (apartment), again had to call and swap a Pepsi for a Mountain Dew. Total $6.60 on the 2 runs, including $4.78 on the apartment.

Next, Kim had me skip her again, and I took a double. Got a total of 66 cents on the 2 runs. I think Kim can detect the stiffs!

Final delivery, got $2 from a girl who just got done working at Arthur Treacher's. You can't eat fish every day!