Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Learning To Tip

I meant to write about this last night, but by the time I came home, showered, and sat down to blog, I must have forgotten.

It was my 2nd delivery. I had my bank of $15, and my $1 tip from my first delivery, a total of $16. The check was $21.99.

The customer had several $20 bills. He gave me one and asked the other guy in the house if he had a dollar. The other guy said he did not. They both dug in their pockets for a while. One asked if I took coins, and I replied, "Money is money."

The first guy handed me a 2nd $20 bill and asked if I could make change. I said that I had $16, which would leave me with a $2 tip. The guy looked confused.

I took both $20's and handed him back the $16. He asked again how much I owed him. I said, "I owe you $18. I gave you $16 so that leaves me with $2. Are we cool?"

The other guy came back from the other room with no more money. The first guy reached out and shook my hand. I guessed we were cool. I thanked him and went on my way. Probably the first time he ever tipped the pizza guy, but I hope it won't be his last!

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rick said...

Perhaps a gentle reminder to tip would make a difference.

I saw these buttons with clever "tip sayings". Worth a shot anyway.

That site also had some advice to increase tips as a delivery driver.