Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello Again, Gerry

Ex-driver Gerry is a new driver (again). He was telling some wierd story tonight about how he was in an accident and he thinks the guy who hit him was stalking him on one of his deliveries tonight. Strange!

Two other new employees tonight, driver Justin (Joel's brother & Kim's son) and cook Diedre.

I was scheduled 6-10 but didn't leave until after Midnight for the 2nd week in a row. Not good! Drove for 5 hours, took 14 runs, drove 43 miles and made $28.

First delivery the guy came to the door and said, "Wait, I forgot where I put the money." Why not your pockets?

Next person gave me a $20 for a $11.99 order and said, "Just give me 7 back." Thanks for the buck?

Next guy (apartment) was excited, his order was $12.49, and he said, "I got 13 here for ya." I guess I should have been happy with the buck at the previous house.

Next house had a really nice candle burning. I wish I had asked what the scent was!

Next house had a big white dog! It reminded me of a polar bear!

Next house, wasn't my turn but Kim said to skip her while she worked on dough-prep. Customer paid $21.05 for a $21.03 order. I guess I should have been happy with the 51 cents! Thanks alot Kim!

Next order, we were out of 2-liters of Mountain Dew. I called to see if I could bring a Pepsi or Sierra Mist, he said, "Just skip the pop, I have some beer here." Second best tipper of the night at $4.52.

Two more stops (had taken a triple), got 2 cents and $4.15, total $8.68 on the 3 runs.

Next took a double, first house was on an unplowed road. Treacherous! Next house (apartment), again had to call and swap a Pepsi for a Mountain Dew. Total $6.60 on the 2 runs, including $4.78 on the apartment.

Next, Kim had me skip her again, and I took a double. Got a total of 66 cents on the 2 runs. I think Kim can detect the stiffs!

Final delivery, got $2 from a girl who just got done working at Arthur Treacher's. You can't eat fish every day!

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KevinL said...

Forgot to add, the dumpster was over-full tonight so I climbed on top of the boxes, jumped up and down, to pack them in and make some more room.