Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breaking Records!

... not me but the store. There's a note on the bulletin board that says Super Bowl week was our best week ever. There's another note after that saying that the following week, we did $1000 more than Super Bowl week! Things are looking up!

I had 12 deliveries tonight in 5 hours driving. Stayed another hour in the dishroom. It was a pretty average night. I drove 54 miles and made $26 in tips. 2 stiffs, 1 x $1, 5 x $2, 2 x $3, 1 x $4, 1 x $5. The only surprise was that I did that well. The neighborhoods I delivered to, with the exception of 2 houses, were ALL places I wouldn't even be sure if I could expect a tip at all!

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