Monday, February 8, 2010

Cat Wrestling?

I drove for 4 hours tonight, from 6-10. Again we were pretty busy and I ended up taking 14 deliveries. I drove 41 miles and made $29 in tips.

Can you believe that I was pleasantly surprised by a tip less than 10%? Well I was. First off it was 8 pizzas to the Police Station. In my experience, the police never tip. The total was $81.99. I found out on the way that it was already paid for. That made a tip even less likely. But to my surprise, it was a group meeting in the police "Community Room" and the guy who met me handed me $7. Not great but not bad either.

A while later, I delivered to an apartment. The mom told her son to grab the 2-liter from me, and the son replied, "I can't, Mom, I've got the cat in a full-nelson!" Now there's a statement you don't hear every day!

My night could have ended there, I had taken 8 deliveries and had collected $24 in tips. Yes, my last 6 runs netted me a grand total of $5. The highlight was a delivery to government-assisted housing where the guy's total was $14.98. He handed me $15 and proudly said, "Keep the change!"

My next night of working is Valentine's Day!

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