Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday 2010

Lately I haven't been working on Sundays but of course I made sure I was available to drive tonight. I worked from 5-11 and we started off slow, I think I only took 1 delivery in the first hour. Things started picking up around 7 and from 7 until 9 we were slammed! From 9 on I was pretty much the only driver, so I stayed busy, taking 15 deliveries in all.

I drove 57 miles and made $35 in tips. More than I made in 2008 and the same as 2007 (when I started an hour earlier). I didn't work last year as I had a broken arm.

Most surprising tip was from a woman who ordered a Personal Panormous and thought she had ordered a Panormous. These are nowhere near the same size but still she tipped almost $6. Other than that I had 1 $5 tip, 5 $3 tips, 4 $2 tips, 1 $1 tip, and 3 stiffs.

I started saying to people, "Enjoy the game," and several said "Thanks, you too" before realizing that was a pretty stupid thing to say.

Final delivery of the night was a wierd one, it was one order but was paid separately, one person paid $14.98 by credit card (and tipped $1.02) and the other person paid $18.42 cash (and tipped $2.58).


Ajathefairy said...

I had got my game updates from my customers and showed big support for whatever team THEY were rooting for to win. The tips were great!

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