Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weird Story

Here is a weird story, sent to me by a reader, about a mix-up in the order, and a strange way the pizza shop chose to resolve the order.

As a driver, I highly doubt any shop would "reuse" (re-sell or even eat) the returned food in any way. More likely they just didn't want the customer getting something for nothing.


Tulip Page said...

ahem...i agree! may be they didnt let the couple keep the pizza since they didn't pay for it.

Jeremy said...

I know at House of a Thousand Pizzas, we always throw our pizzas away when customers turn them down. but I'll tell ya come by and check out some of the stories we have at www.houseofathousandpizzas.blogspot.com. They will terrify you into loving your job.