Sunday, March 11, 2007

Slow Sunday

I drove tonight, it was my first shift in almost a week. The night started out awful, my first 5 "tips" were $0.30, $0.42, $0.00, $0.67, and $1.42. That's $2.81 total for 5 deliveries, and over half of that came from 1 tip.

My 7th delivery finally yielded $3.67 but it was already around 9PM and there wasn't really much time to catch up.

I was surprised we were so slow. The weather was nice and the clocks were set forward, so I expected people to be outside, taking down the last of their Christmas lights, and then come inside and realize it was dinnertime.

If they did this, they must have called another pizza place, because we were slow all night long.

I took the phone call for my 10th and final delivery and I was concerned that it would be a prank. The name was "LAFARTA." It was a new phone number and address, and the guy on the phone had to ask someone in the background what the address was. But they answered the phone when we called back to verify so we made the order and I took it.

And was I glad I did. I'm guessing the guy was at a girls apartment and was trying to impress her. I don't know if he impressed her but he sure impressed me. He gave me 2 $20's on a $20.67 order and just asked for a $10 back in change.

That $9.67 tip ended up getting me a respectable $21 in tips on 10 deliveries, over 6 hours of driving. I did have several very close deliveries and ended up driving only 31 miles, well under my average of 4 miles per delivery.

One interesting coincidence (I hope) was that the only 2 orders where I answered the phone AND took the delivery ended up being my 2 biggest tips of the night. I told manager Ward that I hoped it was just a coincidence or we would be having some phone training soon!

I have to remark on this, earlier in the night, Ward and drivers Steve and Desiree were having a discussion that I did not understand at all. They were talking about people with names like Tango and Shamrock. When I asked what they were talking about, they said it was a reality show called The White Rapper.

Man am I glad I don't have time to watch tv.

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Simon Pickles said...

been reading your blog tonight.
Rock on!
If all drivers had your approach to work, every day would be a happy day.