Sunday, March 25, 2007

Elite Eight - Day 2 Preview

After a couple of good nights, we have a new leader, it is Dunfee. Today's post will look at who has a chance to catch him based on today's games, Florida vs. Oregon and North Carolina vs. Georgetown.

Dunfee, with 950 points, has Florida & Georgetown.

My entry is 2nd, 20 points, back, and I have the same teams. I can't gain.

Pizza driver gdogg, 3rd place with 920, also has the same picks for today's game.

My stepson Nathan, whose bracket took a hit when Pittsburgh lost, is 40 points back and has Florida & Georgetown.

Fantasy footballers BillyBalata & twiley are each 60 points back and both selected Florida & North Carolina. If the Tarheels beat the Hoyas, these 2 will move into 1st place, as today's games are worth 80 points each.

There's a 3 way tie for 7th with 850 points. This tie will be broken today, as Huddler timmypg has Florida & Georgetown while my wife Victoria and Huddler Puddy both have Florida & North Carolina.

In 10th place with 790 is my nephew Keith. He can only get 80 points today as he picked Texas in the East Rutherford bracket, but he did pick Oregon to defeat Florida so if the Ducks win he will gain 80 points on the everyone ahead of him who loses the NC/G'town game.

All the other entries in the contest are over 160 points behind already and really can't make much ground today.

I'll do another review early in the week once the final four teams are established.

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