Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wear A T-Shirt, Support Your Favorite College?

I had a strange phenomenon happen twice tonight. I had a delivery to Harvard Ave. and the guy came to the door wearing a Harvard t-shirt. I was mildly amused but didn't say anything.

Later on I had a delivery on Euclid Ave. to a customer named Meyers. What do you know, he showed up at the door wearing a Meyers University t-shirt.

All in all today (including this afternoon) I took 18 deliveries, drove just 46 miles, and made $34 in tips. All in 5 hours driving (on the clock). Decent $ for a Sunday night but I would have liked the tip amount to be higher. I was stiffed 4 times and my biggest tip was just $3 and change.

Congratulations to BillyBalata of TheHuddle for moving into a 1st place tie (with my wife Victoria and stepson Nathan) in the NCAA Tournament contest. My entry is tied for 5th.

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