Monday, March 26, 2007


I took a vacation day from my day-job today to attend my son's county spelling bee. So I was able to go in at 5pm instead of my usual 6pm. Unfortunately due to the beautiful weather, business was very slow.

In 6 hours I took just 8 deliveries, drove 34 miles, and made $19 in tips. The night was made decent by a delivery to on of the first "regular" $5 tipper that I recall. They live about 5 miles away and used to order about twice per month, but I don't recall taking more than 1 delivery there in the past year. They always order a pork-sausage pizza with no cheese. It's important for the driver to ensure that the order is made correctly, because 5 miles each way is pretty far to take a re-run. They do pretty much always tip $5 so it is a nice delivery to take.

The good thing about not being busy is that about 15 minutes after we officially closed, Manager Doug and I were walking out with all the cleaning done, money counted and the doors locked behind us.

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UrbanShocker7 said...


This is Andrew Markell. I'm just letting you know that I found your blog by hitting the Random Blog button. And after reading a few posts I was hooked. Being a former long time delivery driver myself, I understand and been there with just about everything you write about. There's nothing quite like driving around town and getting paid for it. And for the tourney challenge, My bracket hasn't held up very well.