Sunday, March 4, 2007

Car Stereo

One thing that any pizza delivery driver will soon learn to love is his car stereo. I'm a big sports fan so I love to listen to baseball, football, and basketball games on the radio. My old Ford Escort had a tape stuck in the cassette player so all I had was the radio, but that was fine with me.

If there wasn't a game on, I might listen to talk radio on WTAM, alternative rock on KRock, country on WGAR, or even "hits" on Kiss FM.

My favorite weekly shows were on KRock when Lunchbox played That Damn Punk Show, which was canceled a few months back, and now Verlane's Flip Side (on Saturdays at 11PM, check it out!)

I know alot of drivers prefer satellite radio, either Sirius or XM, but I'm driving to make money, not to spend it, and I can't justify paying for radio.

My new $600 Hyundai has a broken antenna and gets horrible reception. It does however have a CD player. The faceplate is removable and my kids love that it changes colors at the touch of a button. I've been going through my old CD collection, which has been fun.

I recently discovered that it is a Sony CDX-FW570 which retails for $141.95. Pretty expensive radio for such a car. So I have a couple tasks to do in the next month or so.

1) Download the manual for the FW570 and figure out what it does that makes it so valuable.

2) Get the antenna fixed in time for Opening Day!

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