Monday, October 11, 2010

Manager Speak

Manager:  "I need to see that ticket"

Waitress:  "Which one?"

Manager:  "The one with that pizza ..."

I overheard this conversation tonight and it cracked me up.  We are a major PIZZA chain.  All of our guest checks have pizzas on them!

I worked 4.66 hours, drove 35 miles, took 7 deliveries, and made $20 in tips.

First delivery was a $5 tip ... I arrived at the house about 10 minutes before the customer.  I knocked a few times, then called, he was still on his way home from work.  I wonder why he didn't just pick it up himself?

Anyhow, I spent the time chatting with the next door neighbor (who shares a driveway) who was sitting out on her side step.  She commented, "At least you get a break."  To which I replied, "I don't get paid as much when I'm on a break."  She asked a few more questions and I got to educate her:
  • Drivers get minimum wage.
  • Drivers don't get the delivery charge
  • Drivers get about $1 per delivery towards car expenses but have to buy their own gas
  • I make about half my money on tips
  • Most people these days seem to be tipping around $3
And indeed, 5 of my next 6 deliveries tipped $3 exactly.  (To go along with 1 stiff).

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Patrick said...

Drivers for Papa Johns get minimum wage while working in the store. They get $1.45 or so per delivery for gas etc. As soon as they "clock out" to go on a delivery they are paid like they're actually a tipped employee till they get back... $3 under minimum wage.

My average tips were $3.42, calculated from several hundred deliveries.