Monday, October 18, 2010

Different Styles

We had a different manager tonight as the normal Monday night manager is on vacation.  I've worked with this manager for years and like him, but I realized tonight that the Monday night manager is very efficient!

She usually has most of the frozen prep done and alot of dishes done for the night before I arrive.  This was not the case tonight, and it wasn't because we were busy.  We were only on ticket #58 for the day, when I got there at 6.

So I ended up working past 11 with another driver.  I've gotten used to being sent home between 9 & 10.

Totals for the night:  5.12 hours, 6 deliveries, 18 miles, $18.50 in tips.  Mileage was super low tonight, and almost half of it came on 1 delivery.  The other 5 were all super close.

No remarkable customer interactions, all tips between $2 and $4.

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