Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Is A Tip?

I can tell you it's not 3 dimes and a nickel.

One of my deliveries tonight was for $13.58. The guy met me with a $20, $3 ones, and some change. He dumped 2 quarters, 4 dimes, and a nickel into my hand. I gave him back 3 of the dimes and the nickel.

A dollar is a pretty crummy tip, but at least it's a tip. A few coins isn't a tip, it's an insult.

Later the same customer called back. They had expected a pizza with pepperoni and banana peppers, but they just got banana peppers. Why? According to Brianne, who took the order, the customer asked how much for 2 toppings and then said no to just have the 1 topping (banana peppers).

Being a corporate francise, the customer is always right, so we made them another pizza and delivered it. We did make them turn in the original pizza (minus about 1 1/2 slices that they had already devoured.)

Twice tonight I ran out of change. I started with a bank of a $5 and 5 $1's. My first customer was a credit card order and tipped me $2.50 in quarters.

My next customer added a $5, paying $25 for his $21.87 order. My third customer added another 2 $1's, paying $22 for her $19.22 order. At this point I had 2 $5's and 12 $1's, plus the $2.50 in quarters.

My 4th customer then shorted me, asking for $18 in change for her $19.07 order. She did give me 7 cents to make my tip an even $3. But my bank was now down to $4 plus the quarters. I should have replenished it at this point by cashing in a $20 but I forgot.

The next customer had a $13.58 order, paid with a $20, and asked for a $5 back. I had to give her 4 $1's and 4 quarters. She did live in an apartment so she didn't mind getting the quarters, I was mildly embarassed though.

I got back and turned in a $20 for 2 $5's and 10 $1's. The next customer paid me with a $20 and $3 and 60 cents, and asked for $10 back. I gave him my 2 $5's, leaving me with $13 in ones.

My last delivery of the night was for $20.57. I should have turned in another $20 to be safe but I forgot again and sure enough, the customer paid with 2 $20's. I gave him back $13 and a pocketfull of change which I believe was $2.17, leaving me with $4.16 for a tip. They are a regular customer and decent tipper so they were ok with that.

Also of note tonight, we got a new map on the wall. Our old map was almost 10 years old. My street is 9 years old that I live on and it wasn't on our wall map, but it is now. When I first noticed it tonight, I had to stop and stare for about 5 minutes. It even has some landmarks marked, like the hotels we deliver to, various gas stations, even McDonalds & Friendly's!

Total for the night was 4 1/2 hours, 8 deliveries, 35 miles, and $17 in tips.


Aaron Crop said...

I work for a large company and make decent money but I have been thinking of finding a job on the side to make some extra cash to pay down debt. I used to deliver pizzas and it was fun and payed decently but was hard on my car. However I have a 96 Toyota Tercel with 156,000 miles on it so im not worried about it. I just applied to papa johns tho. Do u think delivering pizzas is overall worth it?

KevinL said...

Delivering pizzas is a great part-time job, especially if you are motivated and have a need for the extra money.

If you have some free time, working is much better than wasting your time on tv or video games.

Good luck Aaron!