Monday, January 14, 2008

Speedway Gasoline

There is a Speedway gas station right across from the pizzeria where I work. It is very convenient and the prices are good. As a pizza driver (who also has a 20 mile commute each day for my day job and a 40 mile commute to pick up my kids when they are at their mom's) I use quite a bit of gas!

I use the Speedy Rewards cards to earn points. Also, since I buy most of my gas with cash, I always use a gift card. Each month Speedway has a different promotion, right now you get 1000 bonus points when you make a $50 recharge on your Speedway Cash Card. Since 17500 points gets me a free $25 gift card, that is like getting $1.42 free with each $50 recharge. That may not seem like alot but when I recharge 6-8 times each month, it adds up!

Tonight the girl working the register remarked that she was always meaning to get herself a gift card so she could take advantage of the points. Then she told how she almost ran out of gas 3 times since she started working there.

"Hello! I work at a gas station!" she exclaimed.

I worked 6 hours tonight and took just 10 deliveries. I didn't write down my mileage but I think it was around 35 miles. And I made $24 in tips.

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