Monday, January 21, 2008

Freezing Cold

The temperature tonight was down into the single digits. It was very cold outside! Standing on someone's porch waiting for them to answer the door can be brutally cold to the pizza driver, but luckily most of my time is spent in a warm car or in the warm store.

We were pretty slow early on tonight, and we had 5 drivers working. Prep was done and dishes were caught up so Steve, our other veteran driver, got the other 3 guys sent home before 7 PM. Then we got a little busy and stayed busy until after 9 PM. I took 20 deliveries in 6 1/2 hours! I drove 70 miles and made $44 in tips. The 20 deliveries includes 2 no-shows ... one where I was sent to a bad address and one where the customer changed their mind and came in to pick up the food.

Add in 4 stiffs and I actually got $44 in tips from just 14 deliveries. I had 11 tips between $2 and $3.83. It was a very profitable night!

An interesting event that repeated itself tonight was customers adding to their tip.

My 3rd delivery was impressed with how fast I brought her the food. She had $1 tip ready but said something to her husband and he came back with $2.

My 6th delivery brought $15 to the door for his $14.57 order, then had me wait while he went back in for a tip. He brought me another $3.40.

Finally, my 16th delivery apologized for how long they made me wait at the door to their apartment building (only a couple minutes really), saying "my bad" and gave me an extra $1 in quarters, a $2.84 tip on a $23.16 order.

My biggest tip of the night was to co-worker Hoover, a tip of almost $7 for a $31 order. It was appreciated, especially since it was about a 12 mile round trip. Luckily for me there was another delivery at the same time to the same neighborhood and I made another $4 there, giving me a total of $11 on that one run.

I got back to the store a little after 11 from what I thought was my final delivery, but it turned out it was not. Steve was up and there was 1 more delivery, but he did not want to take it. It was to Bugsy's, a local strip-club. Steve's other job is at Rent-A-Center and he rents to several of the dancers, and I guess he didn't want to take a chance on seeing them in a compromising position. The ticket said the delivery was for "Butterfly" but a guy came to the door and paid for the pizza.


scrawny said...

Hi...I need a part-time job to get me through school..I'm considering getting a job as a part-time pizza delivery driver...I was trying to find some info on the web about what to expect as far as pay ...I just happened to come across this site which led me to your blogs...I noticed you mentioned Bugsy's strip club....I'm gonna guess and say your're from Cleveland like myself.....if so....any advice you can give me?...where to go and where not to go for a job? (I thought maybe marcos pizza might be a good place?) seems like you make about $70.00 a shift after taxes...would that be about right? .....I appreciate it!

KevinL said...

Yes, I live in the Cleveland area (Lorain county). Your $ guess is pretty close. As far as where, find a shop that is busy!

Also, check my post on getting hired, it's in the popular posts section.

Veronica said...

ahh..makes sense.....theres a bugsy's out that way too....ok...will do...Thank You!