Thursday, January 24, 2008

Second-Hand Stories

I drove tonight for 5 hours. I took 11 deliveries, drove 43 miles, and made an unremarkable $19 in tips. My night was not memorable but I do have 2 stories tonight from other drivers.

First Ted was telling about a delivery where a nice-looking young girl met him in a skimpy outfit. Then during the exchange she dropped several coins and bent over to pick them up, while Ted enjoyed the view. She didn't tip, apologizing and explaining where she spent too much money already, but Ted told me he didn't really mind.

Disclaimer: Ted said that, in his mind, this cute girl was definitely over 18.

Nick also had an amusing story tonight. He had a delivery to the local Holiday Inn. He parked at the entrance he thought would be closest but he ended up having to walk all the way down several halls before he got to the correct room.

The customer paid and Nick went to get the pizza from the hotbag but he found . . . an empty bag! He had been on a double and he brought the empty bag from his first delivery, leaving the hotel customer's pizza in his car.

He had to walk all the way back through the hotel to his car, and then back down the halls again. He found the customer still standing with the door propped open, talking to someone. The customer then said to Nick, "No, we weren't talking about you, we were talking about the dog."

I hope I got the stories right. They each told them with more flair than I probably did here, but my own night was so boring I decided to borrow their stories.

I'm off until Sunday night.

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MacGyver021 said...

no man you got the story perfect... except for the ticket told me to park at that specific rear entrance... i guess they didnt mind a pizza that got ran down a few hallways!