Thursday, January 17, 2008

Date Night

This post really has nothing to do with pizza delivery but I think it's an interesting story so I'm posting it here anyways.

My wife Victoria and I went out to dinner tonight and then afterwards went to a local bar to shoot pool for about an hour. We drank Smirnoff Ice, Victoria had the Green Apple while I tried Triple Black and also Watermelon.

Anyways, as we were shooting pool, the place was mostly empty. It was only 9 PM. A guy wandered past our table a couple times and then approached us asking to use a phone to call for a ride home. He had been drinking and didn't want to stumble out on his own. I let him make a call and he called his mom to come get him.

I thought he looked familiar and I asked if his name was Mark. It was. I recognized him from a couple years ago when Nick, Josue, and I went out on Wardo's birthday. We went a few different places before we found someplace that would let Nick in. Along the way somehow this drunk guy started tagging along with us.

It was the same guy!

When I reminded him, he remembered me. He even introduced me to his mom who came to pick him up! (Mark is 33).

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