Monday, January 28, 2008

Who Pays For My Phone?

I made a ridiculous amount of delivery-related calls tonight.
  • Three different times I was sent out on a credit card delivery without being aware of it and had to phone back to the store to verify that it was a credit card payment.
  • Once I was sent to the wrong street and had to call the customer to get the correct address.
  • Twice I was dispatched to a duplex with A and B or Up and Down apartments. I had to phone the customer (I think it's rude to knock the wrong door, especially after 9 PM.

I had some other interesting events as I made my deliveries.

  • One customer signed the credit card without writing the tip or total. I handed it back with my usual remark. "You have to fill out the total even if you don't tip. If you leave it blank, you never know what someone might write in there." The woman then added a $3 tip!
  • Once another man walked up behind me as I was waiting for the customer to gather the money and bring it to the door. I asked if I was in his way and he said no he had to wait, he was delivering chinese food. I got a 3 cent tip. I told him I hoped he did better but I doubt it.
  • Once I took a 4-bagger (we were a driver short tonight) where 1 of the 4 deliveries had pre-submitted a $5 credit card tip. My total tips for those 4 runs were $5.44.
  • I had a delivery to a bar and was offered a shot by the bartender. Of course I'm not allowed to accept alcohol while I'm driving!

It was one of those nights where I made money by perserverance. My first 5 deliveries yielded just $6 in tips, while the next 5 brought in just another $9. But I drove for 6 hours, took 21 runs, drove 77 miles, and made $37 in tips.

I worked with Kristi as closing manager. I like working with her as she keeps people busy, making sure the prep and the dishes get done in a timely manner!


Pizza Steve said...


You have to use your own phone? I've been in the pizza delivery biz for the past 10 years, and i am going to be opening my own store up here in a few months.

I've always thought having to provide our own phones for delivery was crap. Money out of my pocket for someone else's business...

So anyway, starting up this shop, opening with 5 phones for drivers....costs $100 a month.

KevinL said...

Yeah, I've never heard of anyone providing phones for drivers.

I'm not sure I would, as it might be tough to collect if a phone is lost or damaged, or too many personal calls are made . . . but it sure would be nice if the shop paid us $25 per month towards half of our phone bill.