Saturday, January 5, 2008

Crime Scene?

I had a delivery tonight to one of my favorite customers, one of Big Steve's friends. As I was approaching their house, I saw 2 police cars and an ambulance parked out front. I quickly phoned to make sure they were ok.

"Yeah, my hillbilly neighbor got pissed at her boyfriend. I know how this scene plays out, I've seen it before." He came out and paid for the pizza, and as he was standing on his back porch, the policeman across the yard asked to speak with him. I told him to tell the officer I didn't know anything!

That was a double, and at the previous delivery there was a big dog standing on the porch, barking. I didn't get too close. A girl met me at the door and told me that the dog didn't bite, he didn't even have teeth! Then she told me she didn't have the money, that it was on it's way. I was about to leave when a truck pulled up and the man indeed had the money and paid for the food.

I only worked 4 hours tonight. I didn't get there until 6:30 since my kids had a soccer game this afternoon. And I was only scheduled until 10, a rare (and welcome) non-closing night. I got to come home and watch the end of the Steelers - Jaguars playoff game with my wife.

I took 9 deliveries, drove 29 miles, and made $22 in tips.

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