Saturday, February 2, 2008


Five of my first seven deliveries were for $13.58, including 4 in a row. $13.58 means a pizza for $11.99 plus the $1.59 delivery charge. One of them tipped $2.42, 2 tipped $1.42, and 2 left me with just the $0.42 jingle change.

The number reminded me of the Sugar Ray album 14:59, so named because their 15 minutes of fame was almost up.

My best tip of the night was $4.92 from a guy who had been waiting well over an hour for his pizza. Unfortunately there was a mix-up as he had called a different store in our chain.

Surprise tip of the night was $1.80 on a $18.20 order to the low-income government housing apartment.

Interesting tip of the night was to a different young adult brother at the home of a regular customer. The check was $19.58 and the first guy came to me with $10, saying "Here's 10." The next guy said "You're gonna hate us" and handed me a huge handful of coins. I said "You guys are regulars so I'm not even gonna count it."

I went back to the store and turned it in and there was $13.30 in quarters, nickels, and dimes, leaving me with a tip of $3.72. Not bad at all.

I drove for 6 1/2 hours, took just 13 deliveries, drove 60 miles, and made $23 in tips. Not very good at all for a Friday, although we were busy.

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